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Case study for Freelancer

The self-employed mortgage may sound difficult and might be tricky, but we can do it and we do it often. 

Client X has been running his own business for just one year. He has been looking for a mortgage but so far hasn’t had any luck due to his deemed lack of financial security. However, we were able to offer Client X the self-employed mortgage he needed, and at a great rate.

ClientJohn Doe
Date17 September 2018

What We’ve Done

After our initial assessment of the clients needs and how we could help, we walked him through every step of the process. We also provided the necessary support when needed.

Our Process

  • First, we provided the client with information about who we are and how we can help. This includes our records, as we operate with transparency and integrity. Building a relationship and trust with our clients is at the heart of our business.
  • Upon meeting the client, we discussed their expectations and the options available to them.
  • Following this meeting, the client was given a list of documents to complete and our team conducted the rest of the research.
  • The clients credit history and score were evaluated. Due to our vast expertise we were also able to offer the client support with filing his books for HMRC. Our relationships with different financial institutions allowed us to recommend account options for the clients’ business. The client was very satisfied as we were able to provide valuable services in addition to his mortgage.
  • The review of the clients financial well-being allowed us to secure him a 90% mortgage for his desired property.
  • Furthermore, we were able to offer him additional insurance options which will help to secure his mortgage in the future. This coverage included life insurance and ill-health insurance which would supplement his monthly income should he have a prolonged absence from work due to sickness.


Fortunately, the client had fully prepared for this process, allowing them to pass through each stage quickly. As we do not solely deal with self-employed mortgage and business owners who have been declined mortgages due to credit issues, this is not always the case. More information will be provided on this in the next case study.

The Feedback

Client X was a self-employed business owner searching for a mortgage. The client’s business has been operational for one year and they have experienced issues compiling their books. As such, mortgage requests to other banks have been declined due to the clients deemed lack of financial security. However, with us, the client was offered the mortgage they needed at a great rate.

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